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The Writing Roadmap

Navigate is for you if:

  • you are at any stage on the tenure track
  • you feel pulled in a thousand directions by #allthethings
  • you know you need to write more but it keeps falling to the bottom of your list
  • you’re ready to get your publication pipeline flowing

Faculty writing accelerator

Amplify is for you if

  • you are in a tenure-track job pre-tenure
  • you want to go up for tenure without breaking down–or burning out
  • you’re seeking deep community support AND one-on-one guidance as you prepare publications for tenure
  • you’re looking to radically overhaul the way you approach your career to push back against the culture of overwork

Uplevel your post-tenure career

Elevate is for you if:

  • you are in a tenure-track job post-tenure
  • you feel like post-tenure was supposed to be the time when you could really be you…but so far, you’re still overworked and putting out fires
  • you have a hunger for something bigger than what you’re doing right now, and ready to make those dreams a reality

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