Episode 141: How Many Publications Can You Write In A Year? (How To Write and Publish More Next Year) [Re-release Ep 100] 

Ep: 141

What determines how much you can publish, and where are our expectations coming from? Is it possible to increase your level of joy in your work as you increase output? 


My wonderful coach Gina Robinson joins me on this episode to discuss publication goals and how to increase your capacity for writing and publishing in the coming year. We talk through these concepts as well as share how we determined the parts of our yearlong program, Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap®, and what you need to create sustainable success.

If this conversation inspired you in any way, the waitlist is open for our Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap® Program. Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap® is our year-long writing and publishing program that is going to help you move that backlog of publications out the door! Our goal for you in this program is that you would double your publication output in the year that you’re in our program.

Enrollment for Navigate runs from November 25th-29th 2022, but you can get in early with a special bonus if you are on our waitlist.

We will open the doors for our waitlist folks on November 22nd. The first 15 people who enroll in Navigate get to come to our 3-day New Years’ Writing Retreat in January! This is an incredible 3-day virtual event normally only for our Amplify and Elevate participants, but the first 15 people to enroll in Navigate will be specially invited to attend this year’s retreat for free!

So, don’t wait to enroll and go ahead and get on the waitlist for Navigate! Can’t wait to see you all there!

Today’s episode is a re-release of episode 100 of the podcast. You can find episode 100 full show notes here.

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