It’s that time of the year. The time where the semester is coming to a head. Time to do #allthegrading, #allthemeetings, #allthethings. You keep kicking yourself for assigning so much stuff due at the end of the semester. Everyone wants a piece of your time. It’s becoming difficult to find time to eat lunch, but you are managing with one hand.

And there it is. Glimmering like a polished jewel just over the horizon.


Yes! Summer! (you say) #allthethings can wait until then! Once I hit summer break, everything will be fine. I’ll have those huge blocks of time I’ve been waiting for to write #allthearticles. I’ll take the kids to the beach. I’ll finally figure out what the internet means by “self-care.”

I don’t want to put a damper on your summer dreams, but don’t you already have a bunch of stuff planned for summer? And now we’re adding more stuff to that?


7 summer steps to have a productive academic year

Instead, I want you to use your summer to make next academic year absolutely amazing. To get you started, I’m re-publishing my 7-part video series from exactly this time last year, called #SevenSummerSteps. It outlines seven steps to take this summer to have a super productive academic year. And setting yourself up for success next year is a pretty amazing accomplishment for this summer, right?

Here’s the first video in the series. I’ll be posting all seven in my free I Should Be Writing! Facebook group, which you can join by clicking here.



If you want to download the handout with all #SevenSummerSteps, just put your email in and I’ll send it right away:

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I’ve got a lot more awesomeness coming your way this summer, including the free #summerwriting challenge May 1-4, enrollment for The Academic Woman’s Writing Roadmap: Summer Session, and lots more. This summer’s gonna be great! (Now let’s just get through the end of the semester, ok?)

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