Write more and reclaim your nights and weekends.

Write and publish more with focus and ease through our career-altering coaching programs for womxn

Write more and reclaim your nights and weekends.

Write and publish more with focus and ease through our career-altering coaching programs for womxn

Tired of writing always falling to the bottom of your list?

You know you need to write and publish more so you can score that new coveted job, get tenure, or earn a promotion, but with all the teaching and committee work, you’re always playing catch-up and struggling to find the time to actually sit down and write.

Worse, you’re feeling guilty when you’re not writing and overwhelmed when you try to write—
and none of that is going to get your publications out.

If you’re overworked and burnt-out, how are you going to make the knowledge the world needs right now?

We care about you writing and publishing more, but it’s about so much more than that. It’s about changing the patriarchal, racist culture of academia one womxn, publication, and promotion at a time.

We’ve helped hundreds of academic womxn at all career stages push back against the culture of overwork and step into taking control of their careers through writing.

Ready to write and publish more – 

Hundreds of academic womxn (like you) have already learned how to center their writing and take control of their careers through our programs. The culture of academia is silencing you through overwork—but you CAN find your voice (and avoid burnout). 

Imagine what it will feel like when you’re finally able to write and publish more without all the guilt and the pressure that comes with being a womxn in academia. Imagine finally making major progress on your big projects and being caught up on your publication pipeline. 

Imagine finding a community of like-minded academics who lift you up, champion your aspirations, and amplify your voice—the voice that needs to be heard now more than ever.

Our programs:

12-Month Online Program for academics at all career stages

6-month coaching program for pre-tenure academics

6-month coaching program for post-tenure academics

How Our programs work:

Step 1

Choose the program that fits your career stage and needs


Step 2

Transform your writing practice through our unique approach:
training + coaching + community

Step 3

Watch your pipeline flow as you take control of your career and gain calm, confidence, and influence in your field

The best investment in my career!

“I joined the online program this year and it is the best investment in my career I could have made! I’ve totally changed my relationship with my writing and I’m approaching all of my pre-tenure tasks with more confidence.”

~ Kerrie

Reinvigorated my love for what I do.

“Cathy’s tenure-track coaching program has reinvigorated my love for what I do. The holistic approach makes so much sense for my life as a female academic. Getting the perspective of a woman and a mother is so rare and this program acknowledges the unique challenges of being a woman in academia.”

– Veronica

Don’t wait.

“I can’t imagine a situation where someone would say “I’ve got it all figured out. I can do this on my own.” There’s no world, especially at this moment, where that would make sense. Don’t wait. This is the year to do it.”

~ Becky

Why Our method works:

Our unique approach to academic writing coaching addresses the whole experience of being a womxn in academia today



Our rigorous training method helps you build writing systems that last AND adapt as your career and life situations change


Our programs come with one-on-one and group coaching that helps you not only write and publish more, but also manage stress and overwhelm, create and uphold your boundaries, and take control of your career


In each of our programs, we build strong communities of talented academic womxn who are right there with you through your wins and challenges

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