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The R&R Toolkit gives you everything you need to turn that revision around quickly so your voice is out in the world and the publication is working to build your career!

Transform how you interpret reviewer feedback so you can stop hiding from those revisions and actually make your article better
Understand the three types of reviewer feedback–and the actions to take in response to each one
Create a simple but effective revision plan to eliminate the overwhelm and address reviewer’s comments
Decide whether it’s really worth it to revise and resubmit to that journal, or whether it’s best find a new journal home for your work

Express yourself in communications with journal editors and co-authors with translucency

P R O U D L Y   T R U S T E D   B Y   F A C U L T Y   A T:

What’s included in R&R Toolkit

The Revise and Resubmit Workshop

The Revise and Resubmit Workshop

That R&R is the closest project to “published” that you’ve got! But ouch, feedback can hurt and stop you from taking action. Interpreting the reviewer’s comments is more than half the battle. This workshop helps you see what reviewers are really saying with their feedback so that you can make your authorial next move with confidence.


  • Learn how to look at reviewer feedback as information — not criticism
  • Understand how to respond to feedback you don’t agree with

Tool #1: R&R Decision Flowchart

Figure out if revising and resubmitting is really the next best move

Sometimes a revise and resubmit decision is really telling us that the journal is not a great fit. But how do you know? Use our simple flowchart to help you decide whether to dig in to that revision or pull the article and submit elsewhere.

Three simple–but crucial–questions help focus your decision-making

  • Accelerate your article to publication by ensuring journal fit

System 3: Freeing Time

A day-by-day guide to getting your revision resubmitted

If overwhelm, fear, or just plain anger at reviewer comments has kept your article languishing in a (virtual) drawer, you need a plan. The Resubmission Project Calendar tells you what to do each day during your revision process.


  • Learn the system for preventing inaction from the first day you get the revise and resubmit decision
  • Works with any calendar you use–from Bullet Journals to Google calendars

Tool #3: Revision Planner

Create a revision work plan that inspires you to start writing

Reviewer feedback tells you nothing about where or how to start revising. The Revision Planner makes writing your revision straightforward and action-oriented. With this planner you can stop over-thinking and get to work.


  • Follow the simple but effective process learned by hundreds of academics in our programs
  • Know exactly what to work on next in your revision

Tool #4: Resubmission Letter Template

Recycle your Revision Plan into a simple, effective resubmission letter

You could get all the way to the end of the resubmission process and get stuck writing the letter to the journal editor that accompanies your revision. The Resubmission Letter Template gets you unstuck and teaches you the simple, effective way to explain your revisions to the editor.


  • Leverage your revision plan into your resubmission letter, saving you hours of time
  • Gain confidence in your ability to clearly and effectively communicate with editors using our template


Email template pack

Writing letters to editors and co-authors can take forever as you pour over each and every word. Save time and communicate with clarity and authority using our email template pack. Just fill in the blanks and hit send!

Editor question email template (use for any type of question)

Editor deadline extension ask

Editor deadline extension ask

Coauthor project coordination email template (timeline, plan of action)

Coauthor revision division of work email

Review progress query email

Journal “is this a fit” letter before submitting

Special issue submission letter

The R&R Toolkit

The Revise and Resubmit Workshop (Valued at $97)

Resubmission Letter Template (Valued at $27)

R&R Decision Flowchart
(Valued at $27)

Resubmission Project Calendar (Valued at $47)

Revision Planner
(Valued at $47)

Email template pack
(Valued at $97)

Total Value = $342

Today’s Price= $77

No thanks. I’ll let that revision sit around longer.

The Reviewer #2 Guarantee

If you’ve reviewed this course and still haven’t repaired your relationship with writing, de-clogged your pipeline, and reduced your everyday career stress, you deserve your money back. Just send us an email within 14 days of purchase giving our course a big old “reject!” and we’ll happily refund you, no questions asked.


I’m short on time. How will the R&R Toolkit work for someone like me?

Look, I get it. Your to-do list is long and there’s never enough time in the day to get to those revisions. But think about the mental load you’re carrying stressing about those R&Rs you know you should be addressing, but aren’t. Think about how good it will feel when you finally get that R&R out the door. And the best part? It actually won’t take that long! The R&R Toolkit Workshop will take you about 30 minutes to watch, and you can plan on having your Resubmission Calendar and your Revision Plan completed in another hour or two (we give you all the templates!). With those tools in hand you are ready to enact your plan and hit submit!

What if I’m finding it hard to find the motivation to get back into the revision process?

You have no motivation to get to your submissions because you’re not sure what your next step should be. Sometimes a revise and resubmit decision is really telling us that the journal is not a great fit. But how do you know? Our R&R Decision Flowchart will help you decide whether to dig in to that revision or pull the article and submit elsewhere. Either way, you’ll have one less thing to carry on your mental load because you’ll get clarity and a plan of action!

What if I’m stuck because I’m overwhelmed by all the feedback?

Sometimes, that feedback can really hurt and stop you in your tracks, that’s why interpreting the reviewer’s comments is more than half the battle. With our R&R workshop, you will be able to see what reviewers are really saying with their feedback so that you can make your next move as an author with confidence. We’ll even help you get the emotions out of it: our Resubmission Project Calendar tells you what to do each day during your revision process.

Will the R&R Toolkit help me with feedback on a journal article from my specific field of study?

Yes! I’ve created the R&R Toolkit after working with hundreds of academic womxn from diverse backgrounds and fields of study who all have one thing in common: a drawer full of R&R pubs that need their attention. The R&R toolkit is designed to help academics at any stage (tenure-track, non-tt, adjunct, PhD student, researcher, etc.) to create a simple but effective revision plan, turn that revision around quickly and get that article published already! You will be able to adapt the tools to your specific field, because what we teach with the R&R Toolkit is about understanding what feedback is really telling you so that you could take action–and that is field-agnostic!

I’m pretty sure I could figure this out on my own.

You absolutely could! Real talk though: why is there still a mountain of revisions to go through in your drawer? Every day you’re letting that article languish is another day you could see the fruits of your labor in actual, real, published, work that could go on your CV! And let’s not even mention the fact that data gets old… On the market? Applying for tenure? Wanting to make a move? All those super-important career milestones will be easier with your pubs out in the world. With the R&R Toolkit, we give you the tools, the clarity, and the plan of action to get that feedback addressed. So why haven’t you joined us already?

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