How To Write More Without Big Blocks of Time


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Do you ever feel like you could write more, if only you had big blocks of time?

Finding big blocks of time to sit down and write was never easy. And right now, it feels impossible.

If you’re struggling to keep writing going between worrying about the semester and taking care of loved ones,

you’re in the right place!

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How To Write More Without Big Blocks of Time

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In the workshop, we’ll cover:

The definition of “writing” that will change everything

How to eliminate guilt and overwhelm around your writing practice

How to write more in less time (seriously)

The #1 secret to writing sustainably

How your packed schedule can be an asset—not a liability

Learn how to improve the one professional skill that is most likely to get you to full professor: writing.

Elevate Info-Session Registration Form

You CAN write more without big blocks of time, even if everything around you is uncertain.

In this workshop, I’ll be walking you through the strategies that will help you keep making progress through worry and upheaval. You’ll understand how to get more writing done with less stress and get my three secrets to developing a writing system that builds your career.

I’ll see you inside!

– Cathy

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