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Join the coaches at Scholar’s Voice in this podcast created for womxn and nonbinary professors who want to… write and publish more while rejecting the culture of overwork in academia.

At Scholar’s Voice, we help you create the career (and life) you want by centering your writing. Kick guilt and overwhelm to the curb and amplify your voice to make a real impact on your field—without breaking down or burning out.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 136: Pouring Into Yourself Overflows to Others: An Interview with Elevate member Despina Stavrinos [Re-release Ep 92] 

Does spending time and money on your own development feel selfish? What if investing in ourselves actually improved not only our lives, but spilled over to improve the lives around us too?
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Episode 135: Top Hurdles Our Mid-Career Clients Face [Re-release Ep 91] 

Do you ever find yourself struggling in your career even if you’re not new to the job anymore? Maybe you’ve gotten tenure, and you still feel yourself floundering a bit. Don’t worry- you are absolutely...
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Episode 134: I Got Tenure And Then This Happened [Re-release Ep 90] 

We get our hopes up for what it might feel like after we finally get tenure, but what is the reality? I’m sharing some of my own story about getting tenure, and what came next....
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