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Join the coaches at Scholar’s Voice in this podcast created for womxn and nonbinary professors who want to… write and publish more while rejecting the culture of overwork in academia.

At Scholar’s Voice, we help you create the career (and life) you want by centering your writing. Kick guilt and overwhelm to the curb and amplify your voice to make a real impact on your field—without breaking down or burning out.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 132: Why Investing In Yourself Is A Radical Act of Self-Care

Why is investing in ourselves as academic womxn a radical act? And what should you do if your institution doesn’t want to invest in you? Making your career what you want it to be is...
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Episode 131: It’s a Pipeline, Not a Funnel! [Re-release Ep 88] 

If you want to publish more, you should take on more projects, right? Wrong! You need a publication pipeline, not a funnel. I’m getting up on my soapbox to tell you why your publications need...
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Episode 130: Enby in the Academy: Authenticity and Alignment with Dr. Christy Randazzo

In today’s episode Amplify coach, Thea, chats with Dr. Christy Randazzo, a nonbinary professor of Religion. Listen is as they unpack what it means to be nonbinary in academia, how to navigate the tension of...
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