You know you need to publish, but how? I'm your academic publishing mentor, and I can get you from draft to publication faster. (And with your sanity intact!)

Your writing

Let’s face it: the kind of writing you do in grad school is not the kind of writing you have to do as a professor. But now you’re the professor. So who’s going to teach you how to do it? Don’t worry. I got you. 😉

Your brand

The key is to create your academic brand. It’s not about self-promotion. It’s about self-awareness. And when you know yourself and your academic mission, you make better decisions and get more done.

Your time

You’re pulled in a million directions. And somehow the really important stuff gets lost in the shuffle (remember how we talked about writing?). I’ll show you how to take control, develop a writing plan, and manage your time. (That’s right. I said YOUR time!)

Your life

Balance. A moment to breathe. A sense of satisfaction (instead of wild stress) at the end of your day. Academia can suck the life right out of you. I’ll show you how your productivity will go up when you care for yourself more.

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