Here you go! An easy-to-use holiday gift list to send directly to your loved ones (you’re welcome).

I’ve collected up some of my favorite things so that you can get what you really want this year (or find some gift inspiration for your academic girlfriends. 😉

Happy semester break,


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Day Designer 2019 Planner

I need a paper planner. I mean, I keep my appointment schedule in Google Drive, and I do project planning and management in Trello, but nothing beats paper for seeing clearly what’s going on. I love the “three things” area that this planner has to identify the three big tasks for the week.

Finish by Jon Acuff

If you only read ONE non-academic book this year, read Finish! Seriously, this was a game-changer for anyone who has had trouble finishing anything (hello, almost-done articles!). Learn to goal-set, achieve your goals, and be kind to yourself. You need this book!

Beautiful Juicy Pens

Who doesn’t love a juicy pen! I love these for getting my ideas to flow.

Tiny notebooks

I always have a notebook in my bag. I use it for writing ideas, checklists, and to-dos.

Whiteboard for Your Wall

Use this sticky whiteboard paper to map out your publication pipeline so that you can keep it flowing all year long!

Just Three Things Whiteboard Circles

When the going gets rough during the semester, and the to-do list is miles long, try identifying just three things that need to get done each day. These dry-erase circles look cute on your office wall and are a perfect place to write those three to-dos.

A Great Laptop Bag

I am not a big fashion bag person, but I do love the practicality and style of Baggallini bags. I got this laptop tote this year and I take it to campus everyday. It looks great, is lightweight, easy-to-clean, and traveled wonderfully to Italy for a conference.

Membership in The Academic Women’s Writing Collective

This gift is, well, priceless because it is the gift of writing more. Make time to write in 2019 with the help and support of an amazing community of women from all over the world. Write together in co-writing sessions, get specialized monthly training, and have access to an academic writing coach to get your questions answered. We’re doing academia differently over here! Join us and feel the difference in 2019!

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