If you struggle to find time to write, this is the podcast episode for you. I’m sharing 10 practical ways to find more time to write as an academic woman.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from academic women is that they don’t have time to write. In this episode, I’m laying out ten different actions you can take to create time in your schedule for writing. 


Don’t fall for the idea that your time is out of your control. You can do this! Click here to get my downloadable PDF version of 10 Ways to Make Time to Write. Hang it in your office, or save it on your computer to remind you of all the ways you have at your disposal to free up time.


I challenge you to go through this list of 10 things, and choose 3 you will do this week! This list will help you enhance your practice, and is a reminder to you that you are in control. Be sure to get my free PDF Ten Ways to Make Time to Write so you don’t forget a single one. 


“Making time to write is within your control.”


“You can’t write all the time, and you shouldn’t try to.”


We have some exciting opportunities coming up to enhance your writing and career as an academic woman. In the next 5 weeks or so, stay tuned for lots of fantastic content! Make sure you are in our I Should Be Writing Facebook Group, following my Cathy Mazak Writing FB Page, and are on the email list. 


  • The Academic Women’s Writing Roadmap course will be opening for enrollment soon. When you download the Ten Ways to Make Time to Write PDF you’ll be added to my email list so you won’t miss it!
  • In April, I’ll be offering How to Write More Without Big Blocks of Time webinar. 
  • Back by popular demand, I’ll be offering my Summer Planning Webinar.
  • May brings our Summer Writing Challenge, and enrollment for The Academic Women’s Writing Roadmap will open at the conclusion of the challenge.


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