Have you ever felt out of place in your work place? Do you want to know how to support and be an ally for enby coworkers and students in your workplace? Do you identify as nonbinary in the academic sphere?

In today’s episode Amplify coach, Thea, chats with Dr. Christy Randazzo, a nonbinary professor of Religion. Listen is as they unpack what it means to be nonbinary in academia, how to navigate the tension of working as a nonbinary person, and how others in the workplace can support and be an ally for the enby community. 

Right now we are enrolling for the Amplify Faculty Writing Accelerator Program. This program is for you if you’re ready to go up for tenure with more confidence, or if you really want your pre-tenure experience to happen on your terms and not lead to burnout. It’s also for you if you’re looking for a new and different way to do academia in a supportive community so that you can be your best self as you put your writing as well as your teaching and service and everything out in the world.

The Amplify Program runs from September 2022 through February 2023 and we are enrolling through the end of July 2022. You can go to cathymazak.com/amplify to watch an on-demand information session and find out all the information you need to enroll in our program.

Key points discussed:

  • Dr. Christy shares their background and journey into academia
  • Dr. Christy explains what nonbinary means to them
  • Dr. Christy explains how gender fluidity is received in academic circles and the settings where they do their scholarship.
  • Dr. Christy shares how their nonbinary identity specifically relates to their writing.
  • Dr. Christy shares how to navigate that tension between hierarchical power structures.
  • Dr. Christy shares ways that colleagues and community members and allies can support and can help hold space for nonbinary people. 
  • Dr. Christy shares how they will celebrate International Nonbinary Person’s Day
  • Dr. Christy shares a major takeaway they want to leave everyone with: all the boxes you experience are more fluid than you think.


Key Quotes:

  • “I’ve really cherished the opportunity to hear back from students who said, ‘seeing you, in this space, being confident in who you are, has allowed me the space to accept that this is who I am, or just accept that my worldview has been expanded.’”- Dr. Christy [23:30]
  • “A lot of my work is rooted in my experience. And I think everyone’s work in The Academy is that is rooted in their experience. So this isn’t different, because I’m nonbinary.” [25:30]
  • “We should all have space and freedom to find fun and delight and joy, and there are struggles and there are challenges, but to center, the pleasure, the joy, the excitement is such a gift.”- Dr. Thea [37:45]
  • “If I have the ability to make a bigger voice, I constantly have to use it.”- Dr. Christy [42:05]
  • “If we’re able to hold each other’s humanity, that only makes us better humans, as well. And really, I think part of what we strive for with our programs is really that shift to change the culture of academia.”- Dr. Thea [45:40]

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