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How To Thrive Post-Tenure

A Look Inside Our Post-tenure Academic Coaching Program, Elevate

You will learn…

What We’ve Learned Coaching Hundreds of Academics About The Strategies You Need to Navigate Your Post-Tenure Career With Sense of Direction And Purpose

We’ll Take You Inside The Program And Introduce You to Three Participants Who Are Stepping Into The Next Level in Their Careers With Big Grants, Going Up for Full, And Finally Writing That Book!

The Six-Spoke Framework That Elevate Is Built On: We’ll Give You A Behind The Scenes Look So You Can Determine If Elevate Is Right For You

Make your post-tenure career
experience fulfilling and
impactful with


High-End Coaching Program

The six month coaching program for post-tenure womxn ready to transform the next stage in their career by building a vision, reinvigorating their purpose, and going after the big, ambitious projects they’ve always wanted to do (but never had time or energy for!).

Perfect for tenured scholars:

Going up for full • Applying for grants • On the market • Building a legacy


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This is the program that teaches you the
secrets to thriving in academia on your

Create a vision for what the next level of your career looks like and a doable five-year plan to get there

Make major progress on your book and get caught up on your research

Bring in more money through grants or consulting work, getting a better position, or by just knowing how to ask strategically to be paid what you’re worth

Create—and stick to—your boundaries without feeling guilty all the time

Feel energized and excited to work on the projects that matter to you

Take back control of your time and finally be able to focus on your personal needs

Feel joy rather than drag when you’re mentoring students and junior facult

What’s included in ELEVATE

Elevate Framework Modules

In addition to one-on-one and group coaching (and retreats and so much more!), you’ll access the core Elevate trainings in live workshop calls each month. Keep unlimited access to the recordings of these core trainings so that you can refer back even when the six-month program is over.

Module 1: Elevate Your Mission

Reignite your sense of purpose and academic mission

Post-tenure is the longest time that we are in academia, and it is both exciting and disorienting. Whether you want to pursue admin, build a research center, or make an impact in your field, find out what the next level of your career looks like for you.

  • Articulate your ideal vision of your career and why you do it
  • Craft the big-picture vision and mission statement for your academic legacy
  • Learn how to operate in your zone of genius and align your mission to your genius

Module 2: Value Your Time

Learn how to get comfortable saying ‘no’ to all those never-ending requests

Take back control of your time and outsource what doesn’t serve you so that you can work in your zone of genius and focus on pursuing your dream projects.

  • Learn the time management skills that will help you significantly improve your everyday work life
  • Find out where your time is leaking to with our time audit
  • Build a team of support both at work and at home

Module 3: Center Your Writing

Propel your dream project forward

The projects that will get you to the next level need systems and processes to get them done. Choose one major piece of writing–a grant, book proposal, or article–and plan it from beginning to end. Then, significantly move the needle on it with our guidance and support.

  • Reignite the writing projects important to you
  • Design your pipeline to support your five-year plan

Module 4: Trust Your Process

You have what it takes to thrive in this stage

To build a patriarchy-shattering, transformative, legacy-building post-tenure experience, you must learn THE MOST important lesson of all: how to trust yourself. You’ll do that by understanding what motivates you, learning to listen to your intuition and believing in its value. Then, you’ll build a system of behaviors and practices that support your grand post-tenure vision, is unique to you, and plays to your strengths.

  • Evaluate your current practices and find ways to make them more sustainable
  • Practice the art of saying no without guilt
  • Learn to turn failures into lessons and opportunities

Module 5: Lead For Legacy

Let your choices uplift yourself and others

Learn how to mentor students and junior faculty for change, without it sucking the life out of you. Find out how to get mentoring for yourself at this career stage.

  • Articulate what next-level mentorship looks like for you
  • Develop a values statement that will guide your work

Module 6: Raise The Stakes

Uplevel your vision and source the $$ to get there

This month, we want you to dream big. Dare to imagine an even bigger version for the next stage in your career. Then, we’ll talk about how to uplevel your money game (by giving yourself a raise through getting promoted to full, bringing in the big grants, or getting university support for projects you love).

  • Define what success looks like for you on macro and micro levels
  • Uplevel your audacious goal
  • “It’s okay to be ambitious”


Group coaching

Develop deep peer mentoring relationships

Experience our combination of traditional group coaching (to support you in implementing the module material) and “hot-seat” style mastermind coaching (to develop those deep peer-mentoring relationships). Our top-notch coaches are there to support you every step of the way.

One-on-one Coaching

Get individualized care and attention to your career

Sometimes you just need to talk to a trusted colleague about your individual situation.

That’s what coaching is like, but our professional coaches have years of experience working with Amplify members just like you.

Peer review

Eyes on your work to get your writing unstuck and out the door

We’ve developed a structured peer-review system for getting eyes on your work without spending hours and hours you don’t have reading other people’s stuff. Each month you’ll have the opportunity to get 3-5 pages of your writing peer reviewed during our structured peer-review meetings.


New Year’s Writing Retreat

Start the year “write” with our exceptional virtual experience

Infuse the New Year with writing energy, and infuse yourself with new ideas and perspectives. Our 2.5 day virtual retreat is nothing like days and days in boring Zoom trainings. We design a new retreat each year around a theme and then create workshops and interactive experiences to help you feel transformed and refreshed in the new year.

Momentum Membership

A community that lifts you up

Your Elevate experience will include six months in our co-writing community, Momentum. In this program we hold writing space for you six times a day. Choose whatever time of day works best for you and commit to any number of sessions that you need. We’ll be there on Zoom to write by your side, help you set goals, and celebrate your wins. Join us weekly for a 30-minute writing mindset call to help infuse each week with writing energy.

Library of Recorded Content

All of our proven recorded training and courses

When you join Elevate, you get access to all our recorded courses and workshops, including Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap and Organize Your Academic Life. You’ll keep unlimited access to these recorded resources so that they can support you throughout your career.


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About Cathy

Cathy Mazak has a PhD in Critical Studies in the Teaching of English from Michigan State University. Throughout her career she won a Spencer Dissertation Fellowship and over $500,000 in federal funding for her work with bilingual university students in Puerto Rico. As a tenured, full professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, she founded a research center and fostered international collaborations around her work in bilingualism and linguistics.

Trained by top scholars in composition studies and a prolific publisher herself, Cathy launched Navigate in summer 2017, and it has since helped over 300 academics learn to write and publish more.

She is making her mark as a thought leader through her podcast, Academic Womxn Amplified, which has over 100,000 downloads, I Should Be Writing, her 16,000+ member online community for academic women and non-binary folx, and her upcoming book, Making Time To Write: A How-to Guide for Womxn in Academia.

P R O U D L Y   T R U S T E D   B Y   F A C U L T Y   A T:

See what others are saying about


“The coaching helped me think through what I want to do next in my research and sparked a series of serendipitous events that I made the most of with preparation and planning I got in the program.”

– Jennifer, Tenured Professor at Case Western Reserve University

“Elevate coaching has helped me feel really excited—instead of intimidated—about writing my single-author book.”

– Dina, Tenured Professor at Claremont Graduate University

“Elevate has helped me realize that I need to prioritize myself and the work that I want to accomplish. And it helped me recognize that taking this time for myself also benefits my students, the administration, my community, and my research field.

I can’t imagine a situation where someone would say “I’m through tenure and I’ve got it all figured out. I can do this on my own.” There’s no world, especially at this moment, where that would make sense.

Don’t wait. This is the year to do it.”

– Becky, Tenured Professor at Allegheny College

The Next Level In Your Career:

How To Thrive Post-Tenur

A Look Inside Our Post-tenure Academic Coaching Program, Elevate

Perfect for tenured scholars:

Going up for full • Applying for grants • On the market • Building a legacy


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