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Meet Your Host
Cathy Mazak has a PhD in Critical Studies in the Teaching of English from Michigan State University. Throughout her career she won a Spencer Dissertation Fellowship and over $500,000 in federal funding for her work with bilingual university students in Puerto Rico. As a tenured, full professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, she founded a research center and fostered international collaborations around her work in bilingualism and linguistics.

Trained by top scholars in composition studies and a prolific publisher herself, Cathy launched Navigate in summer 2017, and it has since helped over 500 academics learn to write and publish more.

She is making her mark as a thought leader through her podcast, Academic Writing Amplified, which has over 100,000 downloads, and her upcoming book, “Making Time To Write: How to Resist the Patriarchy and Take Control of Your Academic Career Through Writing”.

Make your early-career experience satisfying and prolific with
Faculty Writing Accelerator

The six month coaching program for pre-tenure womxn and nonbinary professors ready to find professional ease and confidence by building a strategic writing and publication practice that lays the foundation for their career.

Perfect for early-career scholars:
New professors • Going up for review • Preparing to submit for promotion

This proprietary two-phase program teaches you the secrets to academic success on your terms:

Create a clear plan for your original, career-building line of research (even if you are currently still working in the shadow of your advisor)
Partner only with collaborators and co-authors who are aligned with your mission, goals, and priorities without feeling guilt
Craft your publication pipeline to tell the authentic story of who you are as a scholar.
Create a sustainable academic rhythm so that you avoid burnout
Grow the number of publications on your CV so that you can submit your tenure package with confidence (even if your university gives you zero guidelines on how many is “enough”)
Design your schedule so that you feel ahead of the game and have dedicated time to rest
Unclog your pipeline and create a plan to keep it flowing
Transform your decision-making process so that you can say “no” with confidence

What’s included in AMPLIFY

Amplify Framework Modules

In addition to one-on-one and group coaching (and retreats and so much more!), you’ll access the core Amplify trainings in nine modules released as you progress through the program. Keep unlimited access to these core trainings so that you can refer back even when the six-month program is over.

Amplify Kick-Off Retreat

Get to know your coaches, your cohort, and our program culture in our one-day virtual event on September 9th, 2022!

Think of this retreat as your new student orientation to the Amplify program. Meet our coaching team, get to know your cohort, and learn how each aspect of our program works so that you can hit the ground running. We’ll kick off your Amplify journey with implementation workshops and fun surprises, too.


Monthly Peer Review Sessions

Get eyes on your work to get your writing unstuck and out the door

Workshop your writing with a coach and fellow Amplify members to improve the quality of your work and get more comfortable talking about it. Each month you’ll have the opportunity to get 3-5 pages of your writing peer reviewed during our structured peer-review meetings.

Weekly Small Group Coaching

This is really the magic of the program

For the first three months, the calls are centered on the Framework content. For the second three months, calls are “hot seats” where each week two members bring a problem or question to the group for support. These calls are a unique-to-academia way to deliver group coaching and foster deep, meaningful peer mentoring. Calls are delivered in cohorts of no more than 12 who travel through the six-month-long program together.

Four One-on-One Coaching Calls

Get individualized care and attention to your career

Work with our experienced coaches to make sure you never get stuck. You’ll have two calls during the “create” phase and two calls during the “integrate” phase.

Module 1: Design Your Career

Design the career (and life) you want

What’s the difference between surviving your career and thriving in it? Design. Learn how to create an intentional career that aligns with your scholarly goals and your life.

  • Cast the big-picture vision for your early career experience
  • Reject the idea that there is a “traditional path” to academic success and create a milestone map of the key academic events important to you and your career

Module 2: Power Up Your Pipeline

Create a pipeline that sets your career design in motion

Your pipeline is not just your writing to-do list: it’s the foundation of a designed career. You need a pipeline strategy that puts your work in conversation with your field but also tells your unique story.

  • Take control of your publishing pipeline and your career by establishing both priorities and boundaries.
  • Minimize off-mission activities to focus on your writing
  • Manage your pipeline so that you know exactly what to work on next, even if you have multiple projects in play

Module 3: Set Your Career’s Foundation

Plan your pre-tenure experience

It’s time to take the actions–now–that will set a strong, sustainable foundation for your career. This is not just about what you want to accomplish. How do you want your early career to feel? Start the way you mean to go on, with a firm, sustainable foundation.

  • Create your pre-tenure action plan
  • Write your career narrative

Module 4: Resilient Writing

Master a bounce-back writing system

Building on our signature Soaring System method, you’ll learn the next step in sustainable writing practice: overcoming derailments. Learn how to ride the predictable–and unpredictable–ebbs and flows of academia. With a solid writing system in place, you’ll be able to keep your pipeline flowing with ease and–dare I say it?–joy.

  • Understand how rest is key to productive writing
  • Confidently create your resilient writing plan

Module 5: Manage Yourself

Uplevel your time management and planning

Learn how to make time in your schedule to write and rest with next-level time management skills. Knowing yourself, your motivations, and your processes is key to getting it all done with time to spare for thinking and resting.

  • Know what motivates you to write, and use that information to keep you going
  • Leverage the create/restore cycle to manage your time and energy
  • Develop systems and workflows to remove decision fatigue and hold boundaries

Module 6: Manage Others

Develop professional relationships that are mutually beneficial and fulfilling

Hitting your career goals would be so much easier if there weren’t all these other people slowing you down (jk, but it feels that way sometimes!). Learn how to turn relationships that have the potential to get in your way into fruitful facilitators of your goals.

  • Learn how to “manage up” so that your administration supports you
  • Create crystal-clear co-author communication so that your collaborations flow
  • Manage student collaborators with next-level mentorship

Module 7: Develop Self-Trust

Learn the most important lesson of all: How to trust yourself

If there is ONE thing that will transform your academic career it is deeply trusting yourself. But the culture of academia (and let’s face it–the larger patriarchy) teaches womxn to self-doubt instead.

  • Hear what your inner mentor is telling you about each decision you make
  • Use our internal/external model for developing self-trust (yes, you can learn this!)
  • Create positive spaces (physical and mental) to take risks

Module 8: Lead For Change

Let your values drive your career

The racist, ableist, patriarchy is exhausting. Being a leader inside of institutions that uphold it is even more exhausting. Process when to take risks in defense of your values and when to preserve your energy. We know that these choices will differ depending on your race, ethnicity, ability, and sexual orientation (among other factors), and our coaching team is equipped to help you navigate them.

  • Articulate what leadership looks like for you, in your early career and beyond
  • Develop a values statement that will guide your work

Module 9: Create Practices

Develop the practices that will sustain you beyond Amplify

You’ve grown so much in Amplify, now it’s time to create the semester-ly and yearly practices that will maintain your new achievements. Nothing in this program is one-and-done: you will continue to develop and get better at career design over time.

  • Leverage writing groups and communities of practice
  • Create regular check-in plans
And that’s not even all: with Amplify, you’ll also get these bonuses:

BONUS: A ticket to our 2.5-day New Year’s Virtual Writing Retreat

Start the year “write” with our exceptional virtual experience where you’ll

infuse your New Year with writing energy, participate in workshops, and have time to write (and think!) with the community you’ve been building online. Our 2.5 virtual retreat is nothing like days and days in boring Zoom trainings. We design a new retreat each year around a theme and then create workshops and interactive experiences to help you feel transformed and refreshed in the new year.

BONUS: Library of Recorded Content

All of our proven recorded training and courses

When you join Amplify, you get access to all our recorded courses and workshops, including Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap® and Organize Your Academic Life. You’ll keep unlimited access to these recorded resources so that they can support you throughout your career.

P R O U D L Y   T R U S T E D   B Y   F A C U L T Y   A T:

See what others are saying about

AMPLIFY: Faculty Writing Accelerator

I was so used to doing a full professor’s role on an assistant professor’s salary.

The program gave me the confidence to ask for more and to negotiate for myself, which led to a higher salary and a release from unnecessary responsibilities.”

– Briley, Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at University of Florida
The support and the wisdom of all these women from different disciplines is incredible. The commiseration, the laughter, the tears, the stories we shared, the advice we gave…

Having a group of women who really understand what you’re going through is amazing. The Amplify community is essential and I am so grateful for it.”

– Adrianna, Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University
The community and the fellowship are incredible! Where else would you find a group of supportive, like-minded, inspiring, academically-focused womxn who just want to help you with your writing and your career?!

Ultimately, Amplify is an investment in your career. By publishing more and being more thoughtful with your projects and using the tools of this program, you can get to the next step more easily.

– Heather, Public Health Researcher at the CDC
“There’s a lot more to the program than just getting a writing system. It’s about having a space to think through your academic career holistically and work through tensions around service and the demands of teaching.

Amplify has given me a plan that pulls all these pieces together. I remember thinking, “If I don’t figure this out, I’m in trouble because I can’t do this on my own. Now I feel rejuvenated and boosted and I am so glad I joined!.”

– Kerrie, Assistant Professor at West Chester University
“I was looking for a space where I could really focus on preparing for tenure, where that goal would be central and where I’d find support and strategies for what was an overwhelming and stressful process. I found that and so much more in Amplify. The program provided a space for me to think in concrete terms about what needed to get done, what I was going to be able to accomplish, when and how I was going to do it. I needed the space, the focus, and the support and I decided to invest in myself. I am so glad I did.”
– Felicia, Assistant Professor at Morgan State

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