Episode 132: Why Investing In Yourself Is A Radical Act of Self-Care

Why is investing in ourselves as academic womxn a radical act? And what should you do if your institution doesn’t want to invest in you? Making your career what you want it to be is...
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Episode 131: It’s a Pipeline, Not a Funnel! [Re-release Ep 88] 

If you want to publish more, you should take on more projects, right? Wrong! You need a publication pipeline, not a funnel. I’m getting up on my soapbox to tell you why your publications need...
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Episode 130: Enby in the Academy: Authenticity and Alignment with Dr. Christy Randazzo

In today’s episode Amplify coach, Thea, chats with Dr. Christy Randazzo, a nonbinary professor of Religion. Listen is as they unpack what it means to be nonbinary in academia, how to navigate the tension of...
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Episode 129: What Success Really Looks Like Pre-Tenure: An Interview with Two Amplify Grads [Re-release Ep 87]

On this episode I’m talking with Melva Treviño Peña and Silvie Huijben, two Amplify graduates, about what brought them to the program, how their careers and lives have changed, their successes, and who they believe...
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Episode 128: Going Up for Tenure with Confidence: Amplify Info Session Replay

This episode is the audio replay of the Amplify info session. Even if you’re not pre-tenure or thinking about a program right now, this episode will help you understand the reality of the tenure track,...
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Episode 127: Pre-Tenure Pivot; an Interview with Angel Kaur, Amplify Superstar [Re-release Ep 86]

On this episode I’m talking with Angel Kaur, a member of the founding cohort of my Amplify program, about what brought her to Amplify, what she learned, and how she has gained the tools and...
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Episode 126: The Biggest Hurdles Pre-Tenure [Re-Release Ep 85]

Does it ever feel like you’re sludging across the finish line to get tenure in your current role? Have you ever felt like you’re jumping through hoops or pushing past red tape to figure out...
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Episode 125: What Pre-Tenure Should Feel Like [Re-Release Ep 84]

What does the early career, pre-tenure period usually feel like for academic womxn? What should it feel like? With intention, we can steer ourselves toward a better experience. 
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Episode 124: Time-saving Teaching with Barbi Honeycutt

Do you ever feel like your teaching and/or students are taking the back burner to your own research and publishing? Do you feel the tension between being a great teacher or a great writer?  You...
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Episode 123: “A Completely Different Scholar”: Transformation Even in Mid-Career with Ronnie Olesker

Are you closer to the middle of your academic career than the beginning? Do you ever feel stuck in some ruts as it relates to your writing, publishing, and academic work? It can be so...
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Episode 122: Making Time To Write is Only the First Step [ebook release day!]

Do you feel stuck in your publication pipeline? Do you feel like you’re grinding out the same work every day and seeing little to no results? Enrollment for my program Navigate is opened back up...
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Episode 121: What Do You Want?

Do you ever question your self-worth or needs? Do you ever downplay your gifts, your abilities, or your successes? It can be so hard to own your talents and live fully and freely in them....
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Episode 120: Controlling your Career with Publications

Are you curious as to what the Navigate Program really entails? Are you wondering if it could be the thing that begins to propel your career forward and helps you find freedom and stability in...
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Episode 119: The Danger of the Twin Scarcities [book excerpt]

Have you ever struggled to reconcile the realities of needing both time and money, and never feeling like you have enough of it? The Twin Scarcities refer to the scarcities of time and money. As...
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Episode 118: The Making of Making Time To Write: The Book

Today’s episode is one final episode about the creation, writing, and publication of my book, Making Time to Write. I want to be vulnerable and real with you about how the creation of the book...
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Episode 117: Collaboration and Connection with Kimberly & Dee

Have you ever struggled with collaboration in the academic world? It can be such a hit or miss depending on what type of rapport you build and how the working relationship is.  Today my guests...
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Episode 116: Fear of Visibility

Today’s episode is all about fear… specifically my fear. I wanted to be vulnerable and super honest with you all about some fears I have had around publishing my book (coming out in stores in...
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Episode 115: Public Scholarship with Epidemiologist Dr. Becky Dawson

Today my guest is epidemiologist Dr. Becky Dawson, and we are exploring “getting public”: public scholarship, putting yourself out there, communicating your scholarship to a wider audience. She has really leaned into the “public” of...
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Episode 114: International Women’s Day: It’s Complicated

Today is International Women’s Day and we wanted to host a conversation about the day because… it’s complicated! I’m chatting with coach Rocío Caballero-Gill, and we wanted to have a candid thoughtful chat about international...
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Episode 113: Working with Self Compassion

How hard are you on yourself? Do you find yourself constantly judging yourself for the ways that you think you fall short?
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Episode 112: Avoiding Desk Rejection with Anna Clemens

Have you experienced the pain of desk rejection? What are some of the ways you can avoid this? And how does storytelling play a role in science writing? 
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Episode 111: The Role of Self Love in Your Career

I was inspired by our recent client retreat to bring you a podcast about self love in your career. I wanted to pull out a thread from our retreat and share it with you. 
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Episode 110: The Power of Writing Retreats with Dr. Michelle Boyd

Have you ever wondered if a writing retreat is worth the investment? And how do writing retreats impact your overall writing practice?
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Episode 109: How to Find Time to Write

When you need to “find time to write” how do you go about it? What are some things you need to reflect on in this process?
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Episode 108: What’s Keeping You from Dreaming Bigger?

How do you create bigger dreams? And why is dreaming big important for academics?
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Episode 107: From Planned to Published [Webinar Sneak Peek]

The best way to make sure you’re publishing is by using a strategic, actionable and well-developed plan. Do you have one? I’m sharing the 3 (planning) secrets to publishing success.
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Episode 106: A Fresh Start in 2022

Have you reflected on what you learned last year, and chosen a direction for 2022? I’m sharing all the changes that have been set in motion for me and my business and where we’re going...
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Episode 105: Leading for Legacy

If you are mid-career, you are holding up a lot of people, from students to research partners to co-authors to family members. How can you build legacy from that leadership?
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Episode 104: Overcoming Adversity and Having Your Publishing Take Off: An Interview with Elevate Alumni Lauren Braun-Strumfels

Elevate graduate Lauren Braun-Strumfels is sharing her amazing story on this episode of the podcast. Her journey has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns. It’s taken her from Fulbright scholar in Rome...
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Episode 103: The Next Level In Your Career

What’s next for you in your career? Have you gone through a big career shift and aren’t sure what to focus on now? In this sneak peek episode I’m sharing our framework for how to...
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Episode 102: Letting Go of The Final Draft (Book Update #3)

Have you ever struggled with pushing ‘send’ on a piece for publication? In this episode I’m giving you an update on my book process, including timeline, cover reveals, and how hard it is to let...
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Episode 101: 3 Systems For More Publications

Is creating systems really worth the time it takes? What systems do you need in place to ensure you can write and publish to your full potential? I’m giving you 3 systems you need in...
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Episode 100: How Many Publications Can You Write In A Year? (How to Write and Publish More Next Year)

My wonderful coach Gina Robinson joins me on this episode to discuss publication goals and how to increase your capacity for writing and publishing in the coming year. What determines how much you can publish,...
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Episode 99: There’s More For You [Mission Statement Workshop]

Have you ever been scared to admit all that you want for yourself and your career? I’m here to give you permission to go after that influential, fulfilling and impactful career. Here’s how to start. 
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Episode 98: Sneak Peek of Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap® Program

How do you get writing and publishing done to enhance your career, get that promotion, impact your field – without breaking down or burning out? I’ve got the roadmap that shows the way.
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Episode 97: What Got You Tenure Won’t Get You to Full

What will get you from the start of the tenure process all the way to full professor? What worries do you have and what should you focus on instead to achieve your career goals?
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Episode 96: Why You’re Still Exhausted After Getting Tenure (And What To Do About It)

Are you still exhausted after getting tenure and don’t know why things haven’t changed? Feeling like you’ll never not be tired? I’ve got 3 steps to take to help you take control. 
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Episode 95: Elevate Panel Discussion: Insights, Takeaways & Investing In Yourself

I’m joined on this episode by wonderful Elevate graduates Debra Gombert and Sonia Cabell. We talk about the most impactful parts of the program, tangible versus intangible benefits, and where they’re going from here. They...
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Episode 94: What Academic Leadership Really Means

What if being a leader in academia doesn’t have to mean taking on an administrative role? Listen in for my take on what it means to be a leader in your mid to late career.
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Episode 93: Career Design Workshop [2 year podcast gift!]

It is our second podcast-iversary! Thank you SO much for listening. To show my appreciation, I’m sharing part of my Career Design Workshop with you-free-on this episode!
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Episode 92: Pouring Into Yourself Overflows to Others: An Interview with Elevate Member Despina Stavrinos

Does spending time and money on your own development feel selfish? What if investing in ourselves actually improved not only our lives, but spilled over to improve the lives around us too? Elevate graduate Despina...
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Episode 91: Top Hurdles Our Mid-career Clients Face

Today I have for you an amazing conversation between my 3 rockstar academic coaches Rocío Caballero-Gill, Gina Robinson, and Thea Racelis. They’re sharing what challenges, struggles, and growth they see from our mid-career/post-tenure Elevate participants,...
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Episode 90: I Got Tenure, Then This Happened

We get our hopes up for what it might feel like after we finally get tenure, but what is the reality? I’m sharing some of my own story about getting tenure, and what came next. 
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Episode 89: Why Investing In Yourself Is a Radical Act of Self-Care

Why is investing in ourselves as academic womxn a radical act? And what should you do if your institution doesn’t want to invest in you? Making your career what you want it to be is...
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Episode 88: It’s a Pipeline, Not a Funnel!

If you want to publish more, you should take on more projects, right? Wrong! You need a publication pipeline, not a funnel.
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Episode 87: What Success Really Looks Like Pre-Tenure: An Interview with Two Amplify Grads

On this episode I’m talking with Melva Treviño Peña and Silvie Huijben, two Amplify graduates, about what brought them to the program, how their careers and lives have changed, their successes, and who they believe...
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Episode 86: Pre-Tenure Pivot; an Interview with Angel Kaur, Amplify Superstar

On this episode I’m talking with Angel Kaur, a member of the founding co-hort of my Amplify program, about what brought her to Amplify, what she learned, and how she has gained the tools and...
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Episode 85: The Biggest Hurdles Pre-Tenure

My super-star writing coaches, Rocío Caballero-Gill and Gina Robinson, are taking over the podcast to talk about the pre-tenure period and many of the issues, fears, hopes, accomplishments, and successes they see with our Amplify...
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Episode 84: What Pre-Tenure Should Feel Like

What does the early career, pre-tenure period usually feel like for academic womxn? What should it feel like? With intention, we can steer ourselves toward a better experience. 
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Episode 83: Interview with Academic Woman Magazine Founder, Dr. Anatu Mahama

I’m joined on this episode by Dr. Anatu Mahama, founder and editor-in-chief of The Academic Woman magazine. She shares her journey through academia as an ambitious and determined woman, always looking for ways to increase...
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Episode 82: What the Bros and Dudes Don’t Want You to Know About Academia

The bros and dudes–you know, the archetype that academia was built for? Here are 5 things about academia they don’t want you to know.
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Episode 81: Using Writing As An Organizer

Writing is so much more than “currency” in academia. Writing and publishing does help you get, keep and develop your career, but it has lots of other benefits too. One of the ways writing helps...
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Episode 80: Creating a Job that Works for You: An Interview with Danielle De La Mare

Do you feel anxious and overwhelmed in your life as an academic? Are you on the tenure track but feel stuck or like something is wrong but you can’t put your finger on it? My...
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Episode 79: Book Writing Process Part 2

Are you clear on what your own unique writing process is? Have you ever gathered data on your own practices? I’ve learned a lot during the process of drafting my book.
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Episode 78: Writing Sprint Breakdown

What is a writing sprint, and how can it help you move an article from almost done to out the door and submitted?
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Episode 77: Ten Systems for Radical Change

What do I mean by radical change, and how does it happen? I am sharing 10 systems for enacting radical change for your writing, your career, and academic culture as a whole.  
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Episode 76: 90% Awesome

Is your career 90% awesome? Do you spend most of your time doing things that are important for your scholarly work? I can show you how to get there.
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Episode 75: What Radical Change in Academia Looks Like

Why do we struggle to find  time to write while the academic establishment requires publications in order to maintain or advance our careers? It’s time for radical change.
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Episode 74: Controlling Your Career vs. Setting Intentions

Do you set intentions for your career and have the skills to follow through with them? I’m sharing a little bit about my own story to shed some light on the difference between control and...
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Episode 73: Accountability vs. Community

Does writing keep falling to the bottom of your list? Do you think you need accountability to hold you to your goals? I want to show you why you need community instead.
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Episode 72: The Radical Act of Womxn Writing Together

The solitary nature of writing can perpetuate the image of the “typical” professor, a lone (male) figure, doing it all alone. But writing together, as womxn, is a radical act!
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Q&A with Qualitative Research Blueprint Creator Maira Quintanilha

Have you ever struggled with where to publish your interdisciplinary qualitative work? Have you received feedback questioning the rigor of your research or your ability to express it? My guest on this episode is Maira...
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Episode 70: What to Do When Your Qualitative Article Gets Rejected

Has your qualitative research article been rejected or given a painful revise-and-resubmit? Here are the 5 things you should do next.
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Episode 69: The Long Road to Publishing Success

Are you comparing where you are in your scholarly journey to where others are? Do you feel like your career isn’t progressing the way you thought it would? I’m sharing part of my story that...
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Episode 68: The Difference in 2021 is YOU

The calendar changing from 2020 to 2021 isn’t what will make this year different. What will make this year different is YOU.
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Episode 67: 5 Clues That Writing is on the Sidelines

When writing is at the center of our careers, it’s powerful. Here are 5 clues that you might not be putting the priority on writing that you think you are.
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Episode 66: Publications as “Currency”

I’m diving into the idea of “publications as currency” to both debunk the idea and show you how you can make it work for you and your academic mission.
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Episode 65: Making a Date With Your Writing

You know you need to schedule time to write, but keeping those dates is the key to creating a successful writing habit. I’ll show you how.
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Episode 64: Using Writing to Design the Career You Want: A Behind the Scenes Interview with Cathy Mazak

I’m in the hot seat on this episode of The Academic Womxn Amplified! I’m sharing an interview of yours truly by Anna Clemens of Scientists Who Write. We cover everything from how (and why) to...
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Episode 63: What Does “Mid-Career Academic” Mean?

What is “mid-career” for academics? How long does it last and where can you go from here? The answer to that last one may surprise you.
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Episode 62: How to Plan a Sabbatical or Leave

Don’t let the wide open schedules of a sabbatical or leave go to waste. Find out how to approach this time to get the most out of it!
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Episode 61: This Year, Plan to be More YOU

It’s a fresh, new year and it’s time to leave all the “shoulds” in 2020 and plan to be more you in 2021.
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Episode 60: Behind the Scenes of My Book Project (Part 1)

Have you ever considered writing a book? I’m sharing the inside scoop on the process for my own book project, from idea to submission.
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Episode 59: Planning Re-Entry into Writing

There are times, like at the end of a semester, when you might put your writing aside. How do you pick it back up again with the least amount of stress and the most creative...
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Episode 58: What is Writing?

What actually “counts” as writing? When you give yourself credit for accomplishing your writing, do you only look at the number of words on a page? I say it’s more than that.
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Episode 57: You’re Not Alone: The Biggest Struggles Our Clients Are Facing Right Now

I am joined on this episode by my fabulous writing coaches, Rocío Caballero-Gill and Gina Robinson. We are talking all about the issues and stressors that are coming up the most in working with clients...
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Episode 56: Higher Ed is in Crisis-It’s Time to Make Your Move

The pandemic didn’t change the course of academia; it has amplified the issues that were already there. As higher ed systems crumble, it’s time for you to decide your own course of action.
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Episode 55: Why Writing is the First Thing to Go

We have an opportunity, at any time, but especially at this moment in time, to rise from the ashes of what has come before to remake our careers and our lives as academics.
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Episode 54: The Big Reveal: I’m Re-Naming “Tiger Time”

Keeping your relationship with writing peaceful and productive means prioritizing it during your most energetic and focused times of day. I’m coining a new term for those times to get us into the right mindset...
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Episode 53: Your Difference Makes You Valuable: An Interview with Dr. Kemi Doll

Dr. Kemi Doll joins me on this episode of The Academic Womxn Amplified, sharing her expertise and advice on everything from how she balances her multidisciplinary career with joy, to power dynamics and privilege to...
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Episode 52: Dangerous Versus Scary Career Moves

Making a change in your academic career can be scary, but is it dangerous? On this episode I’m helping you recognize when deciding not to make a change might be the danger.
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Episode 51: Career Development for Womxn: An Interview with Carol Parker Walsh

Career coach Dr. Carol Parker Walsh joins us to share her path into and through academia, and to dig into something we are both passionate about: career development for women. Carol helps women figure out...
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Episode 50: You Are Not the Container

Your career, your body of scholarly work, is independent of any ‘container’ through which you do that work, like a university or institution. Have you ever thought about this idea? It’s important.
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Episode 49: 5 Myths About Your Post Tenure Career

Are you wondering what your career will be like once you reach that ultimate milestone of tenure? I’m busting 5 myths about the post tenure experience to give you a realistic picture.
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Episode 48: Your Top 5 Questions About Academic Publishing Answered

We get a lot of questions about academic publishing in our 14,000 member Facebook group. On this podcast I’m sharing answers to the top 5 questions we see.
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Episode 47: Abundance vs. Scarcity

Do you constantly feel like there is not enough time, not enough resources, not enough publications, just not enough? This isn’t a coincidence (and it isn’t the truth). In academia we’ve been conditioned into a...
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Episode 46: Writing in the Midst of Uncertainty

How do you keep your writing going during times of upheaval and uncertainty? It’s possible to keep making progress, but you do need to have some tools to draw on.
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Episode 45: The Economics of Writing

Have you ever looked at your writing projects through the lens of economics? I’m showing you how, and why you should on this episode of The Academic Womxn Amplified.
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Episode 44: 5 Myths About Your Tenure Prep Experience

Are you believing any of these 5 myths about the tenure prep process? You could be setting yourself up for unneeded stress and worry, so let’s bust those myths.
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Episode 43: Embodied Activism in Academia: An Interview with Adrianna Santos

My guest on this episode is Adrianna Santos, passionate advocate for equity for women, immigrants, and marginalized communities. She shares about many mentors and inspirational figures in her life who led her to Latinx and...
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Episode 42: A GeoLatina Creates her Path: An interview with Rocío Caballero-Gill

When my guest on this episode was young, she was a curious and confident learner. She started higher education in her native Peru, but had to start over in high school when she and her...
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Episode 41: Back to Puerto Rico: An Interview with Sandra Soto Santiago

Dr. Sandra Soto Santiago has come full circle in her career, finding passion and purpose in helping others with similar backgrounds to access higher education. She talks about being a first generation college student and...
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Episode 40: Choosing to Leave Academia and Create Something New: An Interview with Jane Jones

Dr. Jane Jones has had the “golden ticket” job, and she will be the first to tell you: it’s not for everyone. She may have landed a tenure track job her first year on the...
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Episode 39: A Positive Grad School Experience Laid the Foundation: An Interview with Cara Gormally

Cara Gormally joins me on this interview episode of the Academic Womxn Amplified podcast to share her journey from someone who hated math and science, to an academic with a passion for science and science...
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Episode 38: Many Containers Through Which to do the Work: An Interview with Sarah Dobson

Sarah Dobson’s journey has exemplified the idea that it is not our “container” (the university or institution we work for) that matters in impacting the world, but rather our interests, passions, and drive.
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Episode 37: An Epidemiologist in the Covid-19 Spotlight with Becky Dawson

Dr. Becky Dawson is a public health epidemiologist who has strategically navigated her journey through academia with determination and purpose. Prompting from an early mentor led her to discover her passion at the intersection of...
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Episode 36: Leaving Academia Post-Tenure: An Interview with Gina Robinson

For this interview episode of The Academic Womxn Amplified, I’m talking with a member of my own team, whose journey has brought her to the highest levels of achievement in academia… and out the other...
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Episode 35: A Career in Maternal Health and a Mother During Grad School: An Interview with Maira Quintanilha

On this episode of The Academic Womxn Amplified I’m speaking with Dr. Maira Quintanilha. She shares about growing up in Brazil in a culture where higher education was a given, and the struggle to balance...
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Episode 34: From First Woman Pastor to “Impossible” Slave Histories: An Interview with Felicia Thomas

On this interview episode of The Academic Womxn Amplified we are beginning Season 3 of the podcast sharing the life stories of academic womxn to explore how they have created success for themselves on their...
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Episode 33: How to Get Writing Done This Summer

Are you worried about what your summer might look like as an academic this year? I’m sharing advice and actionable tips for how to get writing done, even this summer.
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Episode 32: Three Academic Writing Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

How do you feel about your writing right now? Guilty over outstanding projects? Overwhelmed by this unprecedented semester? Confused about how others are getting things done? Maybe one of these 3 mistakes is holding you...
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Episode 31: Debunking 5 Common Writing Myths

Is writing constantly dropping to the bottom of your to-list? Do you have a growing pile of half done projects? You may be holding on to myths about writing that are holding you back.
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Episode 30: Why You Need a Writing System

What exactly is a writing system and why do you need one? I’m taking you through 3 parts of an effective system, and showing you why you need one.  
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Episode 29: Hit the Reset Button

Is it time to hit the reset button? When we are in unusual circumstances we are forced out of the ‘norm’. And while that can definitely have its downsides, it can also give us an...
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Episode 28: Five Steps to Sustaining Your Writing Through Crisis

How do you sustain a writing practice in times of crisis? Whether the crisis is a global one like a pandemic, or a personal one like an illness, taking these 5 steps will help you...
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Episode 27: Ten Ways to Make Time to Write

If you struggle to find time to write, this is the podcast episode for you. I’m sharing 10 practical ways to find more time to write as an academic woman.
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Episode 26: How to Multiply Your Effectiveness

Ever wish there was another you to get more done, make things easier, reach more people? On this episode I’m sharing three ways to multiply your effectiveness; no clone needed.   
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Episode 25: How to Stop Working Weekends

Are your working hours spilling over into nights and weekends as an academic? Do you feel powerless to squeeze everything into a ‘regular’ work week? This is the episode for you.
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Episode 24: Three Steps to Achieving Clarity So That You Can Write and Publish More

What one thing is key to writing and publishing more? The answer is clarity. Without it, you’re inviting overwork, overwhelm, and a strain on your creative output. 
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Episode 23: What Academics Get Wrong about Professional Development

Have you ever done professional development? So often, it feels like academics get professional development wrong. Usually, it’s done with a one-off training, but the problem is that there’s no follow through or follow up....
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Episode 22: Types of Writing Help

It’s completely acceptable to get help with your writing, even as a full professor. So what does that look like in academic writing? I’m giving you the lowdown on what’s available for writing help.
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Episode 21: What Makes a Writing Practice Sustainable?

What makes a writing practice, or any habit, sustainable? How do you create new practices that stick when the old ones aren’t serving you well anymore?
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Episode 20: The Benefits of Writing Retreats and How to Find One That Works for You

Why is it acceptable in our academic cultures to go to conferences, but less so to attend writing retreats? I’m diving in to the (evidence-based) benefits of retreats and how you can find one that...
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Episode 19: Six Strategies for Creating Writing Momentum

Writing is a practice that we probably all need to practice more. But it can be hard to get the ball rolling. I’m sharing 6 strategies to build momentum, so you can ride out the...
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Episode 18: Disrupting Academic Milestones

Academic culture makes us believe that the “traditional” path through academia is the “normal” path, and a “non-traditional” path is often code for “less-than”. Don’t believe it! Your path is valuable.  
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Episode 17: Five Words I Avoid When Talking About Writing

As writers, we know the words we use matter. But what about the words we don’t use? The way we frame our thoughts matters. So what are some words I avoid using as a writing...
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Episode 16: New Year’s Resolutions for Academic Writers

While January 1st can be seen as an arbitrary date, New Year’s feels like a clean slate. And because I believe that successful writing is all about how it feels, I would love for you...
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Episode 15: Book Review Gift Guide

Need a gift for the academic woman in your life, or ideas for what to put on your own wish list? In this episode I’m reviewing 5 of my favorite books for academic women.
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Episode 14: Should I Write Over Break?

The culture in academia sets us up to see breaks as a time to catch up or get ahead. But should you spend break time writing? My answer as a writing coach might surprise you.
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Episode 13: Working Through Overwhelm

When you’re in a season of overwhelm you might feel like all you’re doing is putting out fires, and nothing is getting accomplished. On this episode I’m sharing how to work through the overwhelm and...
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Episode 12: Combating Writing Guilt

So often our (lack of) writing makes us feel guilty and overwhelmed. Why is that? What can you do to change it up by changing the way you think about your writing and how it...
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Episode 11: When Teaching Takes Over

Sometimes it feels like writing and teaching are at odds in our academic lives, but they’re not! There are ways to level out your teaching tasks, create more room for all your responsibilities, and give...
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Episode 10: What Happens to My Writing When the Semester Hits the Fan?

Academic years ebb and flow; some parts of a semester are much busier than others. As your semester ramps up, your writing might need to take a backseat, but make sure you have a plan...
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Episode 9: Three Types of Writing Criticism and How to Respond

Nothing feels worse than having a piece of writing you’ve worked hard on rejected or criticized. But, it’s part of the academic life, so I’m teaching you how to deal with it in a healthy...
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Episode 8: Resisting the “Catch-up” Mentality

Burnout is a real thing for academics. I know you know this, but you might not know exactly what “pre-burnout” looks like, and what to do if you feel like you might be on the...
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Episode 7: Securing Professional Development Funding

Continuous learning through professional development is a key way to accomplish the goals that you and your university share. On this podcast episode, I’m sharing tips and ideas for how to get funding for professional...
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Episode 6: What it Means to Put Your Writing at the Center

As an academic woman, your writing needs to be at the center of everything. On this episode of the podcast, I’m making the case for why it’s so important to prioritize your writing, and giving...
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Episode 5: How to Create a Positive Relationship with Your Writing

How do you feel when you think about writing? You are never going to write and publish as much as you want if you feel yucky about your writing. But feeling good about your writing...
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Episode 4: Create Your Ideal Week

Do you have too much going on? In all seriousness, can you fit everything that needs to be done on your calendar? If you feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day,...
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Episode 3: How to Approach Your Writing Like a Project Manager

For successful execution of the day-to-day tasks of academia, especially writing, we need to be good project managers. 
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Episode 2: Why You Don’t Have to Write Every Day (and What to Do Instead)

This might shock you, but I’m a writing coach that doesn’t believe you should try to write every day. In fact, writing every day could be counterproductive to your writing goals. 
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Episode 1: My Academic Career and What I Want for You as an Academic Woman

Are you an academic woman ready to amplify your voice in your field, say goodbye to burnout and overwhelm, and harness focused energy to reach your writing goals? You’re in the right place. 
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How to Create a Minimum Viable Semester in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

The coronavirus has been declared a pandemic, and this is affecting the academic community in significant ways. Universities are going online, travel is being canceled, and the impact is profound.  How can you finish the...
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Bonus: Navigate Case Studies

If you’ve been on the fence about joining this cohort of Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap, you’ll want to listen closely to these experiences from two real-life Navigate alums.
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